Ministry Confidentiality Agreement

I am an Encourager/Prayer Partner/Prayer Warrior/Ministry

Apprentice (indicate below) seeking to minister the love of Jesus Christ to others through the ministry of Warriors Set Free.

I understand that my role is to offer a listening ear, encouragement, words of grace, and or prayer support and love to those seeking ministry.

I understand that in fulfilling my role, I will be aware of information that is extremely personal and confidential to the ministry recipient and the ministry team.

I understand that though a professional code of conduct may not bind me, I am bound by a Biblical code of justice, morality, and love. Therefore, I will not, under any circumstances, divulge or share with anyone, other than a WSF leadership team member, what has been shared with me by a ministry recipient. Nor will I divulge the name of any ministry recipient to anyone. To do so would destroy the support and ministry that I am attempting to provide in Jesus’ name.

I do understand that this promise of confidentiality will not expire at any time.