The Warriors Battle

The Warriors Battle in Georgia is an opportunity for military, veterans, and first responders to embark on a soul-searching journey that can transform their lives. Those who participate in the program, including civilians, veterans and first responders, have described it as a life-changing event that will positively affect not only them but their spouses, children, and legacy for generations. Participants have gained valuable knowledge and discovered their God-given identity of sonship by understanding the Truth about themselves, creating a relationship with Jesus and their fellow brothers in Christ, and truly understanding their Identity and Purpose in life (TRIP).

Warriors Battle brings together a community of brave individuals who share a bond forged by honor, sacrifice, and service. This program offers a supportive environment where these courageous individuals can share their experiences, be heard, and receive encouragement and empathy from their peers.

By participating in the Warriors Battle, men have unlocked their full potential and transformed into the best versions of themselves. If you are a warrior looking to change your life and become part of a supportive and inspiring community, Warriors Battle is the program for you.

A few spots at each event are reserved for civilians who work closely with these populations. Please complete the contact form below to inquire about one of these reservations. We’d love to have you involved.

Complete the short questionnaire at the end of the page to learn more or to register click the button below to attend the Warriors Battle at Warriors Set Free.

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