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The Mission

Warriors Set Free guides military, veterans, and first responders in growing their faith, healing from the past, and winning life’s battles.

Warriors Set Free is a ministry run by Veterans for Veterans. Typically a Veteran will only be comfortable talking to another Veteran about the experiences they have had in a war or military service. Trying to explain your military experience to a civilian has its challenges. We remove that problem by training Vets to help Vets. Our director, founder and volunteers are all Veterans.

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Situational Briefing

The Problem

Many veterans in America today are struggling with faith, identity, and feelings of loss.  This leads to some of the highest suicide, divorce, alcohol, and drug abuse statistics nationwide.  And while increasing programs exist to serve veterans, most of the programming developed for them addresses their outer lives (vocation, health, addiction, and entertainment).

Not enough is being done today to address the broken spirits of these fighting men and women.

The Facts

  • Veteran suicide is 50% higher than the civilian population1 / Estimates are as high as twenty-two veteran suicides a day
  • 1 out of 10 veterans deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan are diagnosed with alcohol or drug abuse
  • 11% of all homeless people are veterans, roughly 400,0004
  • Combat veterans’ first marriages are 62 percent more likely to end in separation or divorce than other men’s5


The Core of the Problem

The greatest threat to our country has emerged, the loss of our national soul.  We stand, as a country, on the frontiers of tremendous danger due to the lack of faith-based values that have always made America worth fighting for.  But unfortunately, many of our real fighters, our veterans, aren’t in the battle.  Instead, far too many are broken, depressed, and torn apart by feelings of pain, guilt, fear, and hopelessness. 


The Solution

We need to heal the spirits of these men and women and enlist them in the greatest battle of our generation.  We need to turn them, once again, into warriors.


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What's next?

To learn more about Warriors Set Free, give us a call and schedule a time to meet one on one with Steve, our director. These meetings can be over coffee, in our office, or out to lunch. We will answer all your questions.


A Freedom Appointment is a one day experience designed to address any problem issue in your life. We follow “The Steps to Freedom in Christ,” written by Dr. Neil Anderson. This is a very rewarding event that will strengthen and encourage you.

Request your Freedom Apt


The heart of Warriors Set Free is in the team. We are Veterans from all generations, services and backgrounds. We all have a desire to help others in the same way that we were helped.


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