Warriors Set Free | Fighting for those who have fought for us
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WSF is a ministry run by Veterans for Veterans.

WSF is a ministry run by Veterans for Veterans. Typically a Veteran will only be comfortable talking to another Veteran about the experiences they have had in a war or military service. Trying to explain your military experience to a civilian has its challenges. We remove that problem by training Vets to help Vets. Our director, founder and volunteers are all Veterans.

One on One

To learn more about Warriors Set Free, you can meet one on one with Steve, our director.  These meetings can be over coffee, in our office, or out to lunch. We will answer all your questions.

Freedom Appointment

A Freedom Appointment is a one day experience designed to address any problem issue in your life.  We follow “The Steps to Freedom in Christ,” written by Dr. Neil Anderson. This is a very rewarding event that will strengthen and encourage you.

Join the Team!

The heart of Warriors Set Free is in the team.  We are Veterans from all generations, services and backgrounds.  We all have a desire to help others in the same way that we were helped.


See how Warriors Set Free used the Gospel to help Bill recover from years of depression, PTSD and thoughts of suicide.


• On average 20 Veterans die by suicide each day
(Reference Link)
• Many veterans have substance abuse problems
• High reports of Nightmares

See how our weapons destroy these struggles…

Get Trained to help the next Warrior…

A time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build. Ecc 3:3

You have served your country, now is your opportunity to serve your brothers and sisters who served along side you.



Steve Prince (Army)


Kevin (Navy)


Randy (USMC)


Contact Us Below

Reach Out to Us

If you’re in the Grand Rapids area you can come by the office and meet our staff. If you’re not local then reach out to us through Facebook, Twitter, email or by phone.